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Company valuation with multiples - multiples method

Company valuation on the basis of so-called "multiples" or "multipliers" (also called comparable company approach): In the practice of market-oriented company valuation, a distinction is made between two types of multiples or multiplier methods. The two market-oriented valuation methods differ due to the origin of the [...]

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Successful M&A advice on company sales and acquisitions

Book presentation: Success of M&A consulting in corporate transactions > In his book, Wolfgang Hohnhaus examines the contribution of M&A consulting firms to the success of an M&A transaction. Furthermore, the book goes into great detail about M&A process management; in particular, it focuses on the positive interaction between M&A advisor and buying [...]

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List: Private Equity Companies & Top Investors Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Private Equity - Venture Capital - Family Offices Investors List - Private Equity Investors List: Overview of investment companies and investors investing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Equity capital or venture capital is called "private equity" in English. Investors in the field of venture capital [...]

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M&A consulting in the SME sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Company brokerage compared to professional M&A advice: As a professional M&A boutique, KP Tech Corporate Finance advises small and medium-sized companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland on company sales and succession, as well as international companies on company acquisitions. Anyone who is interested [...]

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List with >250 venture capital investors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

List of >250 venture capital companies investing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Seed Investors - Early Stage Venture Capital - Venture Capital - Growth Financing - Early Stage VC Funds - Startup Investors Articles in KP Tech Magazine on the topics of investment agreements, venture capital funds, [...]

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Due Diligence Checklist - Buying a Company - Selling a Company

Due Diligence Checklist - Acquisition of a company - Sale of a company: Below you will find an exemplary (short version) of a due diligence checklist from practice, which can be used in the context of an acquisition/sale of a company for the preparation of the documents in the data room (seller) or as a list of requirements for the [...]

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Alternatives to acquiring a company via an asset deal or a share deal

Alternatives to the acquisition of a company via an asset deal or a share deal: As an alternative to an acquisition of a company, various forms of cooperation as well as a hidden acquisition of a company are also possible Alternatives to an acquisition of a company One alternative to an acquisition of a company is the agreement of a management contract. [...]

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Valuing a company - calculating the company value

Creating a company valuation or having it created: If you search the Internet for the terms "valuing a company" or "calculating the value of a company", "valuing a company" or "company valuation", you will find a large number of more or less suitable results. After an initial perusal of the search results, you [...]

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Risk management in M&A transactions: Legal Due Diligence, Tax Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence, Commercial and Strategic Due Diligence and Compliance Due Diligence

The book contains the functional and systematic classification of due diligence and the respective areas of legal due diligence, tax due diligence, a financial due diligence as well as commercial and strategic due diligence and, as the latest addition, compliance due diligence [...]

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Growth through company takeovers - Mergers & Acquisitions - Company acquisition

Growth through company acquisitions - Mergers & Acquisitions - Company acquisition: The acquisition of a company is a complex process that can be roughly divided into the following phases: M&A objectives M&A strategy M&A process Integration process Each of these phases in turn is subdivided into [...]

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Example: Financial debt definition for cash-free/debt-free arrangements in the SPA

Example of a definition of debt ("Debt" or "Financial Debt") in the context of a cash-free/debt-free arrangement in a company purchase/sale In the context of cash-free/debt-free arrangements in company purchase/sale agreements ("SPA", Sales and Purchase Agreement), the items "Debt" or "Financial Debt" are [...]

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Mergers & Acquisitions: Professional M&A advice for medium-sized companies

M&A consulting for medium-sized companies - goals, tasks and success factors: As a professional M&A boutique, KP Tech Corporate Finance has been advising medium-sized companies from Germany, Austria or Switzerland on the sale of companies for more than 20 years. In the Anglo-Saxon world, it has been a matter of course for many years to [...]

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Business Broker - Business Brokerage - M&A Advisor

M&A Boutique - Business Broker (Company Brokerage) - M&A Advisor When looking for an advisor for the sale of one's company, one finds the most diverse types of providers and advisors. The layman asks himself two questions: "What distinguishes a business broker from a [...]

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Deal breaker in company purchase agreements - examples/ contents

Examples of deal breakers in contract negotiations for company purchase agreements > In M&A practice, agreement usually has to be reached on the following topics during negotiations of the company purchase agreement (SPA). As a general rule, a [...]

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Business valuation - preparatory measures and analyses

Business valuation - preparatory measures and analyses Analysis of the relevant market and the competitive situation > SWOT analysis: Working out the strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/risks of the business and determining Analysis or elaboration of a detailed business plan derived from the business strategy (e.g. financing strategy, investment strategy, personnel strategy, determining [...]

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Company valuation using multiples (multiples method)

Excess sizes in company valuations using multiples ("multiple valuation") according to DVFA > DVFA GmbH (respectively the DVFA Commission "Standards for Research Reports") has elaborated the following principles in the DVFA Guidelines for Company Valuations in Equity Research on the topic of company valuations using multiples ("multiples method") (source: DVFA): The [...]

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Company sale: Example of a working capital definition for cash-free/debt-free arrangements

Working capital definition and cash-free/debt-free regulations: A so-called debt-free/cash-free arrangement is often included in company sales. In this context, both "debt" and "cash" and working capital have to be defined. The following is an example of such a definition. [...]

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Acquisition strategies - the first step to successful company takeovers

Acquisition strategies - the basis of successful M&A acquisitions > The process of a company acquisition can basically be divided into three phases: The M&A strategy: formulation of the acquisition strategy The M&A process: preparation and execution of the M&A transaction The M&A integration: preparation and execution of the integration. All three phases are [...]

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10 Principles: Successful Mergers & Acquisitions Negotiations

Ten principles - conducting successful Mergers & Acquisitions negotiations > First principle: It is important to make a good impression right from the start. The negotiation starts with the first contact and not with the negotiation of a letter of intent or [...]

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Successful Post Merger Integration

Successfully shaping post-merger integration > Post-merger integration - or: the challenge really begins after the company purchase agreement has been signed. No matter which of the numerous studies on the success of mergers and acquisitions one has read, the results are sobering [...].

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Different views between buyer and seller in the M&A process

Common conflict potentials between buyer and seller in the course of an M&A process: In the course of any M&A process, conflict situations between the company buyer and the company seller occur time and again. In M&A practice, we see it very often that both parties in the [...]

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Successfully selling an IT company - Selling a software company

The successful sale of IT companies: Why should you sell your IT & software company now? In the last few years, the market for IT consulting and software has literally run hot. The scarce resource is the staff, which is practically no longer or [...]

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Company sale with M&A consultant in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Company sale with KP Tech Corporate Finance as experienced M&A advisor: You can rely on our M&A advisors with more than 20 years of international M&A experience as well as management experience in a company to guide you through the sometimes difficult process of a company sale in an advisory capacity and to support your [...]

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Create a company valuation

Selling a company: Company valuations For the owners of a company, a company valuation is one of the essential bases for decision-making with regard to the further development of the company. For the seller, who makes a divestment decision with the sale of shares, the purchase price as an absolute date is the essential decision-making factor. [...]

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Strategic purchase prices for corporate acquisitions

Strategic purchase prices - a current example - Dell/HP and 3Par 2.9.2010: The bidding war between Dell and HP for the company 3Par shows how a seller can use a (supposed) unique selling proposition as well as competition in the sale of a company to achieve a company valuation that rationally has no [...]

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Financing options for a company acquisition

Financing options for a company acquisition: In addition to the classic financing options (cash, shares), the options for financing company acquisitions using borrowed capital are increasingly being used - due to the extremely low interest rates on borrowed capital. Debt capital Seller loan (part of the purchase price is paid to the buyer [...]

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Business brokerage - Business Broker Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Business brokering - Business Broker: The issue (1/2012) of the German magazine Impulse deals with the topic of business brokering and lists the following criteria by which dubious business brokers can be recognised. On the difference between a professional M&A advisor and a business broker [...]

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Enterprise value - Equity Value - Company valuation

Enterprise Value - Equity Value - Company Valuation: In a company valuation, the enterprise value corresponds to the income or cash flows in the future discounted to the present day. The calculation is based on valuation methods that are recognised in M&A practice. From the [...]

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5 success factors for a successful M&A function in companies

Corporate acquisitions: 5 success factors for a successful M&A function in companies: Successful mergers, acquisitions (M&A) but also divestments (sales of peripheral activities) mostly serve to improve the operating result, to expand the capabilities and competences of a company, to strengthen customer relationships and [...]

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