Your first port of call when it comes to corporate finance advice on selling companies, acquisitions, corporate succession, company valuations and private equity capital:

Maximise opportunity, minimise risk.


The philosophy that underpins our approach to successful M&A and corporate finance transactions.

Looking for a professional corporate finance consultant – someone you can rely on from the very first handshake? With KP Tech, you’re with the right people – whether it’s a company acquisition, you’re selling a company, or you need support with corporate succession planning or private equity capital. Our highly experienced consultants can help you with a whole host of complex processes, highlighting potential risks and future opportunities at every corner. 

The benefit to you: we provide the support of a professional and highly competent partner, at every stage of the project, thus allowing you to focus on everyday business. 

Competencies M&A Consulting - M&A Advisor

More than 30 years of experience in corporate finance consulting

Expertise 800 M&A Deals Germany Austria Switzerland

More than 800 transactions worldwide

M&A Experts Munich - Frankfurt - Düsseldorf - Berlin

Roughly 80 projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, involving investments of more than €800 million

Expertise Offices

Offices and partner offices in Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin, London and Philadelphia

Everything from a single source:

Consulting expertise in the fields of M&A and corporate finance.

Cloud solutions, e-commerce ... and vegan fruit gums:

Our experience in different industries is more extensive than you’d expect.

In addition to a wealth of experience in business management, KP Tech looks back on many years of M&A consulting involving acquisitions for international corporations, company sales and valuations across a variety of sectors of industry. Dovetailing this experience with our artificial intelligence (AI) tool enables us to quickly identify strategically important consulting projects, to line up contacts to others and of course to implement transactions professionally.

The benefit to you: more rapid and successful projects.

The sectors of industry we work in:

  • IT (consulting, software, services)
  • Digital media und e-commerce
  • Industrial technology (automation, engineering)
  • Cleantech (renewable energy, the circular economy)
  • Food (dietary supplements, green foodtech)
  • Healthcare (medical technology, healthtech)
  • Several other sectors

Closer to your business thanks to a clear focus on your needs:

Our approach to consulting is nothing like those adopted by other corporate finance consulting firms.

Our KP Tech corporate finance team can provide you with advice on corporate finance transactions in the areas of M&As, private equity, debt financing and mezzanine financing. We have enjoyed successful working relationships with experienced auditors and tax advisors for many years, as well as lawyers specialised in M&As

Before embarking on a project, we always sit around a table with our potential clients and listen carefully to their thoughts and ideas. As well as learning so much about their underlying motivations, this is a good way to get to know the real people behind a company. It also puts us in a much better position to gauge the lie of the land. The result of this highly personal approach to consulting is that the solutions we come up with are a 100% fit with our clients – right from the start. Also, this helps our clients achieve what they ultimately want most: maximum success.

What defines us as consultants

  • Competent and professional M&A advice
  • An outstanding understanding of markets
  • Extensive international contacts with potential buyers
  • Personal and highly individual advice offered directly by KP Tech management and associate partners
  • International representation in the United States and the UK
  • An extensive network of lawyers, auditors, tax consultants, investment companies and banks
  • In-house research using modern software based on artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Ultimate transparency during project implementation and open communication with clients
  • Tenacity and determination in delivering consulting projects
  • The strictest ethical standards in order to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Fees predominantly based on success


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    About us

    München • London • Philadelphia

    KP Tech has been providing consulting services for more than 20 years with a focus on company acquisitions, company sales, company succession, equity capital and company valuation. Our clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as international groups and private equity companies. Most of our clients come from the technology, services and consumer (including e-commerce) & healthcare sectors.


    KP Tech is a member of the Association of German M&A Consultants (VMA), a non-profit alliance of prominent partner-led and independent M&A consulting firms (Frankfurt/Main).