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Need somebody to conduct a valuation of your company? We can provide you with an independent assessment of the value of your company based on principles that are widely recognised in business. To this end, we always start with a detailed company analysis. This involves an assessment of the business environment, the sector of industry and the company that is the subject of the valuation itself. Financial information such as sales and revenues, EBIT ratios and free cash flow also provides us with a good starting point for estimating how the company will develop in the future, especially in monetary terms.

Depending on the industry, the nature of the company and the stage reached in the product life cycle, we also make use of different valuation methods. These include the multiples approach, capitalisation of earnings methods and discounted cash flow methods. Apart from focusing purely on financial data, we also gather information on management, staff, products, technologies, customers, etc to understand the company.

The benefit to you: a professional and reliable assessment of company value for a variety of transaction options – from purchasing or selling shares, to IPOs, mergers and changes in shareholders

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Company valuation

A crucial factor affecting the success of a corporate transaction is the process of negotiating a purchase or selling price that is acceptable to both buyers (Unternehmenskauf) and sellers (Unternehmensverkauf). 

Although it’s only normal for sellers and buyers to feel differently about the value of a company or the acquisition price, both must still establish a common basis for negotiation. When expectations differ regarding prices, a fundamental prerequisite for the successful conclusion of a transaction will be a detailed and thorough company valuation. Valuations also play an important role in arguing your case during contract negotiations. 

We provide clients with supporting evidence to substantiate their argument in the form of a comprehensive company valuation (Unternehmensbewertung). 

The German Chamber of Auditors (WPK) also provides extensive guidance on the professional calculation of enterprise value. FINANCE, the specialist magazine from Germany, offers a simple online calculator but this provides nothing more than an initial indication of company value. While we’re on the topic, our magazine article provides a comprehensive overview of the different methods used to conduct a company valuation.

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