M&As and corporate finance consulting – for international corporations, medium-sized enterprises and private equity companies:

Allow us to advise you – based on a closer understanding and a clear focus on your wishes.

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We’re quick. We’re agile. And our services are a 100% match with your requirements. As an owner-managed corporate finance boutique, that just about sums up KP Tech when it comes to M&A consulting, corporate succession and private equity consulting in Europa. What’s made us so different to other consulting companies for the past 20 years or more? For a start, we have a detailed and in-depth understanding of markets. And we use highly innovative AI technology. But also, at KP Tech only the owners or associate partners take care of your project. Personally. So nothing gets handed down the hierarchy. Nothing’s made complicated. Just like you’d expect from a close friend.

It doesn’t get more efficient, more personal or closer than this.

Focused M&A Consulting - Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools

The closer, the more focused

We only work on a small number of M&A projects at one time. Why? So we can concentrate 100% on your requirements. 

The benefit to you: quick solutions.

Successful Mergers & Acquisitions M&A Deals

The closer, the more outstanding

Our senior consultants take care of everything to do with your transaction personally. This means you have a single point of contact – with someone who works with you in a partnership of equals.

The benefit to you: access to a wealth of experience, spanning the entire project chain.

Leading M&A Advisors Germany Austria Switzerland

The closer, the more successful

This lean approach means we never lose sight of one crucial detail when it comes to your projects: your requirements.

The benefit to you
: M&A advice that fits like a glove, as you’d expect from a good old friend.

Learn more about our company today – as well as our angle on M&As and corporate finance.

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Personal commitment:

Something that for us, has nothing to do with the size of a company.

Whether you’re a successful SME, an international group of companies or a private equity company on a strong path to growth – at KP Tech Corporate Finance, the only people you rub shoulders with are our top-level M&A consultants. And that counts from the word go, until successful completion of your project.

    Mergers & Acquisitions for small and medium companies on the sell-side and international companies on the buy-side M&A Advisors


    Leading International Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors USA UK Great Britain Buy-Side M&A and Sell-Side M&A

    International corporations

    Private Equity Funds - Private Equity Companies

    Private equity companies

    Listening and understanding:

    Two factors we consider central to every successful M&A project.

    You can expect the M&A process to start with us investing plenty of time. Time for you to sit down and go through things with a small number of people. Time with people who understand other people and the motivations that drive them. You’ll see no standard recipes. And we never pigeonhole. Because every business is as unique as the entrepreneurs who made it what it is today.

    Mergers & Acquisitions M&A

    Buying companies

    Looking to expand in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, elsewhere in Europe or beyond? Keeping an eye out for a suitable company to invest in? We can offer you advice on a whole host of issues revolving around company acquisitions. We can also identify possible partners for you and pave the way for many new things to come.

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    Company Sale

    Selling companies

    Planning to divest in a company or sell off company shares? The support you receive from our top-level M&A consultants is based on a spirit of close partnership, offering you full access to a wealth of experience – from initial assessments to identifying the best buyers and final negotiations.

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    Company Succession

    Company succession

    Thinking about handing the baton to the next generation at your company? Together, we can work out an efficient, effective and sustainable way for you to manage the corporate succession process.

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    Company Valuations Business Valuations

    Company valuation

    Need somebody to conduct a valuation of your company in Europe? We can act as an independent advisor and determine the true value of your enterprise – 100% in keeping with current practice with respect to purchasing and selling shares, venture capital, private equity transactions, but also the processes of shareholders joining or leaving.

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    Private Equity Capital - Private Equity Consulting

    Private equity capital

    Looking for detailed advice and support in obtaining private equity capital in Germany, Austria, Switzerland? We offer access to an extensive network of world-class investors. This ensures we find a private equity partner to match your needs quickly. At the same time, we stand by you during all key phases of negotiation.

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    Munich, London, Philadelphia:

    Our international M&A expertise puts us in a perfect position to help with your transactions worldwide.

    KP Tech Headquarters Munich


    Our head office is located in the centre of Munich (Germany). Our other offices are located in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

    Company Location London


    Our long-standing M&A and corporate finance partner in the UK has offices in London and Birmingham.

    Company Location Philadelphia


    The head office of our long-standing M&A and corporate finance partner in the US is located in Philadelphia.

    Looking across the whole of our group, we’ve helped clients complete more than 800 successful transactions over the past 30 years.

    In German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), we’ve successfully completed over 80 projects, involving an investment volume of more than €800 million. Thanks to our global footprint, we’re also ideally geared to help you complete professionally coordinated M&A and corporate finance transactions through partners in Europe and North America. 

    As a result, looking at the long-term average more than 50% of the transactions we’ve worked on were cross-border deals. More than 90% of our advisory mandates were successfully concluded. Below you will find four exemplary transactions. Further M&A and corporate finance transactions of KP Tech and the KP Tech Group can be found under "M&A transactions".

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    As a member of the Association of German M&A Consultants (VMA), we place strong emphasis on professional standards. The VMA acts as a non-profit alliance of prominent partner-led and independent M&A consulting firms in Germany. Leading M&A advisors in Germany - leading corporate finance advisors in Germany.

    Sharing knowledge, maximising opportunity:

    Our series of seminars and reports on M&As and corporate finance.

    Kp tech insights overview homepage

    New: Sector M&A and Corporate Finance Reports

    "KP Tech Insights" is our new format in which we offer you current analyses on M&A and corporate finance for various sectors worldwide and especially for Europe. Our analyses provide you with important events, developments in the most important M&A multiples, background information and new M&A trends. KP Tech Insights provides a summary of the latest M&A activity on current and future trends in various industries.

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    M&A Seminar Company Valuation Business Valuations Frankfurt Munich Germany Mergers & Acquisitions

    Intensive seminar: buying and selling companies

    • Thursday, 7 November 2024, Munich
    • Seminar content: in-depth information on assessing corporate value, identifying suitable target companies, drafting letters of intent, due diligence, drafting contracts and conducting successful negotiations

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    M&A Seminar Frankfurt Munich Company Sale Mergers & Acquisitions Company Valuations

    Intensive seminar: corporate financing & company valuation

    • Thursday, 14 November 2024, Munich

    • Seminar content: in-depth information on assessing the value of a business, financing options, mezzanine financing and many other issues relating to financing requirements

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      KP Tech has been providing consulting services for more than 20 years with a focus on company acquisitions, company sales, company succession, equity capital and company valuation. Our clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as international groups and private equity companies. Most of our clients come from the technology, services and consumer (including e-commerce) & healthcare sectors.


      KP Tech is a member of the Association of German M&A Consultants (VMA), a non-profit alliance of prominent partner-led and independent M&A consulting firms (Frankfurt/Main).