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Why you can bank on our professional advice when selling your company.

Interested in selling your company or selling shares in your company? When people sell companies, they often have no hands-on experience of what it’s actually like – sitting as a shareholder on one side of the table, with experienced buyers on the other consisting of M&A professionals and their M&A advisors. That’s when it’s good to be able to rely on the personal support of our experienced corporate finance consultants, who can answer any of the questions that might arise.

The benefit to you: our top-level consultants provide you with individual support. Our aim at KP Tech is to ensure that the comprehensive and professional advice we give you significantly reduces the level of risk involved in selling your company or shares in a company. After all, everyone wants the transaction to be a success.

Corporate finance consulting: selling companies

    1. Laying the groundwork

    • Internal due diligence
    • Analysis of the market/competition
    • Company valuation
    • Short anonymous profile
    • Profile of the ideal buyer
    • The M&A process (e.g. auction)
    • Schedule
    • Company presentation
    • Information memorandum

    2. Selecting and approaching companies

    • Identification of potential buyers
    • Long lists and short lists
    • Anonymous contact
    • Confidentiality statements
    • Release of information memorandum (IM)
    • Initial meetings
    • Deal structuring
    • Letter of intent (LoI)

    3. Due diligence

    • Due diligence checklist
    • Data room preparation
    • Due diligence coordination
    • Due diligence meetings

    4. Negotiations

    • Contents of the purchase contract
    • Leading negotiations
    • Coordination of all parties
    • Communication channels
    • Signing and closing

    5. Other M&A advice

    • Advice on corporate succession (internal/external) - German: Unternehmensnachfolge
    • Advice on carve-outs/spin-offs, usually as an asset deal
    • Long-term preparation for selling the company
    • Advice for private equity companies on selling portfolio companies - German: Unternehmensverkauf
    • Advice on acquiring shares from co-shareholders - German: Unternehmenskauf
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    KP Tech has been providing consulting services for more than 20 years with a focus on company acquisitions, company sales, company succession, equity capital and company valuation. Our clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as international groups and private equity companies. Most of our clients come from the technology, services and consumer (including e-commerce) & healthcare sectors.


    KP Tech is a member of the Association of German M&A Consultants (VMA), a non-profit alliance of prominent partner-led and independent M&A consulting firms (Frankfurt/Main).