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Overview of investment companies, family offices and investors investing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Equity capital or venture capital is called "private equity" in English. Investors in the field of venture capital are institutional investors who usually invest part of their capital in companies via private equity companies. In addition to these institutional investors, there is a rapidly growing number of family offices. Family offices invest the majority of the capital of one or more very wealthy families (multi family office). Private equity companies usually invest in companies through funds. The investment horizon of the invested risk capital varies greatly. Many funds have a term of 7-10 years and must sell the holdings at the end of the fund term, thereby achieving a high return for the investors. The holdings are minority, majority or 100%, depending on the philosophy of the private equity investor. Family offices usually do not have a fixed investment period and hold the investments permanently. Private equity companies usually invest in small and medium-sized family businesses, spin-offs from corporations or start-ups.

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Our experience has shown that there are several paths to success when looking for venture capital. The following options are possible when looking for venture capital:

  • directly address individual investors via LinkedIn
  • direct contact with VCs by email
  • participation in events and start-up competitions
  • approach venture capitalists via a corporate finance advisor who has the appropriate network and contacts
  • The start-up is approached by investment companies

Private Equity Capital in Germany and Europe - Trends

The private equity industry has been growing to new records every year since the crisis in 2008. According to PWC, in 2018 financial investors in Europe were involved in buy-outs or exits with a volume of >€260 billion, the highest volume of equity capital since the financial crisis in 2008. The €260 billion is spread across 2,168 investments, of which >400 are in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to PWC. The average investment volume in a transaction in Europe was EUR 120.9 million. Since 2013, there has thus not been a single quarter in which private equity investors / funds have bought or sold fewer than 300 companies within Europe. (Source:

Private equity transactions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland decline in 2022

In 2022, there was a significant decline in PE transactions in the DACH region. According to a study, there were a total of 2544 transactions with private equity participation in Europe, which corresponds to a decline of 19 % compared to the previous year. The total value of all transactions was 208.6 billion euros, around 4 % less than in the previous year.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland were particularly affected by the decline in PE transactions. In 2022, there were a total of 437 PE transactions in the DACH region, around a third fewer than in the previous year (679). The total value of deals declined even more sharply, falling by 52% to €18.1 billion.

The total value of private equity deals declined more than the number of transactions in 2022. The reason for this is that PE investors focused on their existing portfolio to drive value creation given the difficult economic environment and the banks' unwillingness to provide financing. (Source: PWC; see above for link)

List of private equity companies, family offices, investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

EV = Enterprise Value, PE = Private Equity, VC = Venture Capitaland many more 

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