Magazine or blog contributions from corporate finance practice, e.g. on topics: Company valuation, company sale, company purchase, company succession, company financing, M&A consulting, M&A process.

KP Tech Insights - IT Consulting & IT Services M&A and Corporate Finance Report

The KP Tech Insights series is dedicated to analysing the M&A and corporate finance market in the IT Consulting & IT Services sector every six months. We inform you about the most exciting M&A activities, latest M&A trends, backgrounds, important events, transactions and changes in the most relevant M&A deal multiples.

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KP Tech Insights - B2B Software M&A und Corporate Finance Report

The KP Tech Insights series is dedicated to analyzing the M&A and corporate finance market in the B2B software industry every six months. We inform you about the most exciting M&A activities, the latest M&A trends, background information, important events, transactions and the development of the most relevant M&A deal multiples.

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KP Tech Insights - Sector M&A and Corporate Finance Reports

"KP Tech Insights" is our new format with which we offer you current M&A and corporate finance analyses for various sectors worldwide and especially for Europe. Our analyses provide background information, important events, developments in the most important M&A multiples, generally interesting M&A activities and new M&A trends.

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List with >250 venture capital investors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

List of >250 venture capital companies investing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Seed Investors - Early Stage Venture Capital - Venture Capital - Growth Financing - Early Stage VC Funds - Startup Investors Articles in KP Tech Magazine on the topics of investment agreements, venture capital funds, [...]

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Letter of Intent - Contents and reasons why a letter of intent should definitely be concluded

Letter of Intent - Contents An integral part of every M&A process should be the conclusion of a Letter of Intent ("LoI"). Alternative terms with partly the same or marginally different contents for a Letter of Intent are: Term Sheet (often used for venture capital [...]

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Company acquisitions - the success factors & best practices

Inside Corporate M&A - The Formula of the Fittest - Accenture study on the topic: "Inside Corporate M&A - The Formula of the Fittest" What distinguishes successful corporate buyers from the large remainder of buyers whose corporate acquisition later turns out to be a failure? [...]

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10 Principles: Successful Mergers & Acquisitions Negotiations

Ten principles - conducting successful Mergers & Acquisitions negotiations > First principle: It is important to make a good impression right from the start. The negotiation starts with the first contact and not with the negotiation of a letter of intent or [...]

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MAC - Material Adverse Change Clause in Sales and Purchase Agreement (M&A)

Material Adverse Change ("MAC"): In recent years, so-called Material Adverse Change ("MAC") clauses have also been included in contracts for the acquisition/sale of companies in German-speaking countries. The background is the distinction between the signing and the [...]

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Locked Box Models in Contracts for the Sale of Businesses / Acquisition of Businesses ("SPA")

Sales and Purchase Agreement - Adjustment of the purchase price via the cash free/debt free rule in contrast to "locked box" models. In the context of sales and purchase agreements (SPAs) in M&A transactions, there has been a growing trend in recent years [...].

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Create a company valuation

Selling a company: Company valuations For the owners of a company, a company valuation is one of the essential bases for decision-making with regard to the further development of the company. For the seller, who makes a divestment decision with the sale of shares, the purchase price as an absolute date is the essential decision-making factor. [...]

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5 success factors for a successful M&A function in companies

Corporate acquisitions: 5 success factors for a successful M&A function in companies: Successful mergers, acquisitions (M&A) but also divestments (sales of peripheral activities) mostly serve to improve the operating result, to expand the capabilities and competences of a company, to strengthen customer relationships and [...]

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