Company sale with M&A consultant in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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Company sale with KP TECH Corporate Finance as an experienced M&A advisor

You can rely on our M&A advisors with more than 20 years of M&A experience as well as top management experience in a company to guide you through the sometimes difficult process of a company sale in an advisory capacity and to realise your goals for your company with a successful share sale. KP Tech Corporate Finance advises small and medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the seller side and can draw on the knowledge and experience of several hundred M&A projects to successfully implement the sale of your company quickly, professionally and in strict confidence within a short time frame. Our team is on site for you in Munich (Bavaria), Frankfurt am Main (Hesse), Düsseldorf (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Berlin.

Every company sale is a complex process that should be well planned and prepared

Selling a company is a complex process that should be carefully planned and implemented together with an experienced M&A advisor. Since 2003, KP Tech Corporate Finance has successfully guided more than 800 shareholders in the international group and more than 80 in the German-speaking regio (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) through the process of selling a company. KP Tech Corporate Finance has successfully completed company sales in a wide range of industries, such as information technology, automation technology, medical technology, laser technology, cleantech, battery technology, e-commerce, engineering services, consumer, healthcare technology and many more. Our clients from the SME sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland achieved a turnover of between EUR 3 million and EUR 200 million in the year of the company sale.

Talk to our team of partners, each with more than 20 years of professional experience in management functions and M&A advisory. Our team is on site for you in Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Berlin. Our experienced M&A advisors will recommend the best way to achieve your company sale goals quickly and in strict confidence. We have a database built up over 20 years with more than 5,000 buyers from Germany and around the world from the following sectors: strategic buyers from Germany and abroad, private equity companies and family offices as well as management buy-in (MBI) candidates.

For the past years, we have been using state-of-the-art AI technologies to identify potential buyers. Our clients have achieved excellent results in the form of successful M&A transactions.

M&A process - restricted auction or broad auction

Whether our client chooses a broad auction, a limited auction or a "normal" sale process, we establish the steps and timetable required for a successful transaction in small and medium-sized enterprises. Our experienced M&A advisors implement the agreed sales process in strict confidence in close consultation with our client. One of our tasks is to implement the sales process quickly and to create competition among potential buyers.

Furthermore, we recommend and coordinate lawyers, auditors and tax advisors, for example in the course of the due diligence or in the contract negotiations. We are your reliable partner in all aspects of the transaction, from the company valuation, the selection and approach of buyers to the letter of intent and the contract negotiations. We ensure that critical issues are resolved and, through our advice, increase the likelihood of a successful closing many times over.

Three types of M & A processes in SMEs

Broad auction

  • Maximises the likelihood of achieving the highest purchase price by achieving high competition among prospective buyers in favour of the seller
  • Ensures that all likely bidders are contacted and limits the bargaining power of potential buyers

Limited auction = limited tender

  • Higher probabilities of maintaining confidentiality, as only a limited number of potential buyers are approached
  • One has the possibility to approach further potential buyers in a second round

Company sale without auction procedure

  • Highest degree of confidentiality
  • No time pressure and thus more potential buyers who are often unwilling to participate in an auction process

In our Corporate Finance Magazine you will find many more tips from daily M&A practice for the sale of your medium-sized company. Contact us in strict confidence and have an initial conversation with our managing directors.

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